2019 Recap

2019 was a great year for me and the development of my Jeep tour company: Private Jeep Excursions. This year I was able to recon many new trails and safely add them to my Jeep tours that I offer. Check them out here: Tour List

2019 I was able able to partner with some great companies such as Sami Fine Jewelry. Anyone who shops at their store gets a discount on associated Jeep tours to Four Peaks that I offer.

This year I was able to offer a number of new style of services to my travelers: from tours dedicated to “secluded places”, “canyons”, and private invite “wildlife excursions” where we visited Bald Eagles, Wolves, and other species currently undergoing special management.

In 2020, I hope to expand my business yet again to included “Off-Road River Excursions“. This I am very excited about! We will first take a Jeep tour to a secluded location and then launch specialized folding boats to explore deeper into rivers and lakes others seldom get to visit.

In 2020 I might add on a second Jeep or take on a partner to help me better serve and accommodate larger number of travelers. I never like to have to turn away people because of their group size. However, my company name is “Private” Jeep Excursions for a reason. I will always stay small and offer more intimate and personalized Jeep tours rather then the larger more commercialized companies that are out there. 2020 will be even more exciting then what 2019 was. I hope to travel with you all again in the New Year!

Off-Road River Excersions in 2020