About Private Jeep Excursions

“Exploring the Hidden Gems of Arizona’s Backcountry!”

There are so many beautiful and hidden locations in nature to escape to here in Arizona. This is why I started my Private Jeep Excursion business. To help other people get to these locations and better appreciate what Arizona has to offer.

Take a ride with Private Jeep Excursions on various off-road scenic drives to secluded locations of your choice.

What PJE is NOT

PJE is not about finding big rocks out in the desert and seeing if we can drive our Jeep over them! There are plenty of tour companies where that is one of their main attractions…. “Rock Crawling”.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

PJE travels off-road in the very capable and spacious Jeep Grand Cherokee. We are equipped with Quadra-Lift Air Suspension that gives us almost an extra foot of ground clearance with the touch of a button. We are also equipped with Select-Terrain driving modes for sport, snow, sand, water, mud, and rock allowing us to tackle any terrain or hill we encounter.

A dual-pane panoramic sunroof gives passengers in both rows unrestricted views of the beautiful landscapes we will visit together.

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