Very sad news that a large section of the off-road portion of the historic Apache Trail (SR 88) has suffered severe damage and is currently closed. The affected area is a 14 mile stretch in the middle of the trail preventing full passage through from either direction.

There is no set date to reopen this large portion of the route. The initial projection from ADOT states it will take 3 to 5 years to make all the repairs needed to make this portion of the trail safe again to travel from one end to the other.

Causes of Damage: The extensive damage was mainly caused by flooding during more recent storms along large stretches of the trail near the burn scar areas left by the Woodbury Fire that had scorched the Superstition Mountains and wilderness region this summer. Sad to see continued damage being done to the region caused by negligent people who started the fire that consumed many thousands of acres.

Types of Damage: Within the 14 mile stretch of the damaged portion of the unpaved route (past Tortilla Flat going down towards Apache Lake) multiple sections of the road have collapsed in some locations. Massive boulders, rocks, mud, and debris have been washed down the mountainside onto the road in other areas making it impossible to drive safely through this portion of the trail.

This was such a beautiful drive. We hope ADOT will not take too long to repair the damage to this great historic and scenic trail.

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Apache Trail Damage Map

The Apache Trail (SR 88) remains closed between mileposts 214-228. It has been projected that it will take 3 to 5 years to repair all the damage to this section of the trail. All businesses at Canyon Lake and Tortilla Flat can be accessed from Apache Junction via US 60. Businesses at Apache Lake can be accessed via SR 188. However, the Apache Lake businesses have suffered greatly and are in jeopardy of closing down.

Ground Footage of the Apache Trail Damage

Drone Footage of the Apache Trail Damage