Golden Rule: Do Not Cross!

Remnants of Hurricane Rosa hit Fountain Hills and the surrounding neighborhoods causing many of the known about washes to flash flood with raging (fast moving) water carrying mass amounts of debris.

Our Storm Report

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Tonight my son and I drove around Fountain Hills and out towards McDowell Mountain Rd. to investigate the aftermath of Hurricane Rosa and to lend a helping hand. Many of the washes that run through town had severe flooding with fast moving water carrying huge boulders, deep mud, downed trees, and even causing severe damage to the asphalt of the road in some places. We saw way too many people driving low clearance vehicles making bad decisions to try to cross the wash along El Pueblo Blvd. In my video you will see a truck power through the flash flood and nearly get smashed by a huge Pineapple Palm Tree that just missed them. I am not even sure they were aware how close of a call they had.

Due to the strong volume of the flash flooding water along McDowell Mountain Rd. heading towards the park a sinkhole along the side of the road opened up cracking off large portions of the road and washing it away or displacing portions of it on top of the road itself.

An elderly woman driving a Porsche trying to get home made the bad decision to try to cross the flash flood zone along McDowell Mountain Road. She bottomed out her nice Porsche getting it stuck on a large boulder. My son and I stuck with her while she waited for the tow truck to arrive. Two bulldozers arrived on the scene first that had to dig their way to her vehicle clearing a path so the tow truck could get to her.

Please be safe out there during storms and make smart choices! Great work tonight by the city to get workers on the scene to clear the roads. They had their hands full!

As you see from my video, crossing the street where the washes are raging can be very dangerous even with a high clearance 4X4. It is impossible to see debris covered by the rushing water. Also, large debris can smash your vehicle as you try and cross. The truck in my video nearly learned that lesson the hard way last night. Either find another road around or wait it out. Once the water level goes down usually large amounts of mud, rock, and other debris will be left blocking the road. Best to still not try and cross and wait for the city workers to clear the streets with a bulldozer.

If you do have a high clearance 4X4 and live near a wash known to flash flood, you could always lend a helping hand. Bring out a strong light source and help people to NOT make stupid decisions. Help people get around the flooding zone that might not know the streets as well as you do… Be a “Storm Helper”

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