Sierra Ancha Wilderness and Salome Wilderness

Private Jeep Excursions is in the process of planning new trips into both the Sierra Ancha Wilderness and Salome Wilderness areas of Arizona.

Traveling along Arizona Highway 288 is where you’ll find access to Sierra Ancha Wilderness on the east and Salome Wilderness on the west. Both areas are characterized by sheer cliff walls, fast-flowing streams in slot canyons with many high waterfalls and number of ancient Native American ruins. The side road leading to Aztec Peak is an easy drive for the first couple miles. After which it gets really narrow and hugs the cliff face as it rises through a series of hairpin turns until you reach just below the upper peak. At 7,694′, Aztec Peak is the highest point in the Sierra Anchas. The fire watchtower on top of the peak gives some incredible, 100-mile views. Sierra Ancha Wilderness wraps around Aztec Peak on the east and south, dropping away into the deep canyons below. Nearby is Workman Creek Falls and there’s an easy half-mile trail leading to a viewpoint of it.

Venturing into Salome Wilderness, there’s a road giving access to the upper end of The Jugs: a slot canyon that drops deep into the heart of the wilderness and eventually leads out onto the level areas around Roosevelt Lake. Half your hike will be in the water and returning the way you came is almost impossible.

A bit further north is the Sierra Ancha Experimental Station, a research facility where scientists and forest rangers work to improve the viability of the forest and the large numbers of wildlife that live there. This area has more deer, bear, mountain lion and other big game than virtually any other area in Arizona.

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