Snow Peaks... Snow Wonderful!

Recent Jeep tour out to view snow-capped Four Peaks and Mt. Ord. The views were “Snow Wonderful”!

Always remember we’re at our best when we’re outside. “Backcountry” is more than a term, it’s the place that helps us reconnect with who we are. This is the focus of my Private Jeep Excursions, to help take you to that place.

Safety Notice

  1. If you own a 4×4 please learn how to safely travel off-road. Before you make your trip contact the associated Ranger Station and check the status of your planned trail. Never just go off-road when the road conditions for obvious reasons are bad (such as snow). Some routes have gates which can be locked by the Forest Service for safety reasons.
  2. Learn the “Trail Rating System“! Stop taking your “No by 4” cars off-road! A trail rated as a 1 and maybe a 2 is okay and you will still be forced to go much slower messing with everyone’s off-roading day. Once you hit a rating of a 3+ your “No by 4” will be screwed!

Learn about the trail rating system on my Jeep tour website in my article: