Destination: Four Peaks

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Four Peaks Sunset Trip

4 Hour(s)

Take a sunset Private Jeep Tour up Four Peaks to watch the sun go down and the moon rise at nearly 7,000 feet in elevation. The trail offers pristine views of the Mazatzal Mountains and Roosevelt Lake, with the stunning mountains of the Salome Wilderness as its backdrop. During this sunset trip, we will travel up the front side of Four Peaks, departing from Fountain Hills or your hotel. At the top, we will set up a table and chairs for dinner and enjoy the sunset views. We will then travel back down the same way to view the amazing city lights as darkness overtakes the light. Having some clouds in the sky makes for perfect sunset conditions as the light reflects off the clouds in brilliant colors.


Four Peaks Daytime Trip

6 Hour(s)

Take a private scenic drive up to the top of the iconic Four Peaks mountain range. Enjoy unhindered views of the valley below, beautiful Roosevelt Lake with a backdrop of the Salome Wilderness beyond. During this daytime trip we will travel up the front side of the mountain range. Stop and explore the summit vista points, eat lunch at one of the camp sites overlooking Roosevelt Lake.